Thursday, November 25, 2010



Monday, November 8, 2010

my brain...^^

i cant believe tat my barin is co clever can guess dou those thing geh....i hope tat my brain can juz put all my exam notes n....(hehehe) but i dont wan so clever can guess dou all those thing n know all those thing leh....pls give me a brain tat can memorize all the exam notes....

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

y i always do wrong thing de...

y i will so stupid de....every time oso 4get to bring some thing tat is important de....i reali feel tat i am reali stupid loh...从今天开始我希望我不会在忘记拿东西了。。今天说错了一句话让一位知心朋友伤心了。。。就是因为我的那句话让她放弃所有哦。。。。我真的很内疚咯。。。现在不懂要怎样帮她哦。。。。我真的多嘴到死咯,真的想盖自己两巴咯。。。如果不是因为我她也不会将生气吧。。。希望她不会生气我咯,不想失去这位知心朋友哦。。。。

Monday, August 30, 2010



Monday, July 6, 2009


Young people are now easy to get break from merry because some of couple got three party.Some of couple easy get break because they parents disagree they together and some parents give so many pressure to them because some people are not rich and very poor.When they having sexual without any safety procedure so that couple are force to get merry because they get pregnant,so normally after the child is born or after few years they starts argue and fight so this also leads to divorce.As a conclusion,when a couple really want to get merry must have to think properly before get merry.

I just do it

"I just do it" is my slogan.Why i will choose this is my slogan because i think the slogan very suitable for my attitude.When i want to do something i will just do it event people or parents are disagree.I am not stubborn i just do it what i want and my thinking somemore if got people disagree i wont listen i will just do it that i like.That is about my slogan "I just do it"

learning in the future

I think when we go to school everyone should have a laptop when having a class so some student dint have computer or laptop so they can pass up homework on time when student have at laptop at school.I hope everyone can fly then everyone no need to use car then the earth wont be so sick.I hope every country also got winter time so that some country dint have winter time wont feel so hot.