Monday, July 6, 2009


Young people are now easy to get break from merry because some of couple got three party.Some of couple easy get break because they parents disagree they together and some parents give so many pressure to them because some people are not rich and very poor.When they having sexual without any safety procedure so that couple are force to get merry because they get pregnant,so normally after the child is born or after few years they starts argue and fight so this also leads to divorce.As a conclusion,when a couple really want to get merry must have to think properly before get merry.

I just do it

"I just do it" is my slogan.Why i will choose this is my slogan because i think the slogan very suitable for my attitude.When i want to do something i will just do it event people or parents are disagree.I am not stubborn i just do it what i want and my thinking somemore if got people disagree i wont listen i will just do it that i like.That is about my slogan "I just do it"

learning in the future

I think when we go to school everyone should have a laptop when having a class so some student dint have computer or laptop so they can pass up homework on time when student have at laptop at school.I hope everyone can fly then everyone no need to use car then the earth wont be so sick.I hope every country also got winter time so that some country dint have winter time wont feel so hot.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

meet your meat

When I watching this video at collage I was feel very interesting because this video can let me know about how people kill the animal using cruelty way.This video also remind me that people can because of business so they using a cruetly way to kill the animal.After watching this video,i feel sad and pity with those animal.I hope i can help those animal on the future and hope people eat less meat to help those animal.

Monday, June 15, 2009

What do you like most about yourself

What I like the most about myself is that I am a cheerful and outgoing person. Being what I do best, its much easier for socializing with the society and mixing with a whole new bunch of friends, and also avoid being outcasted by them. That is one of the qualities I am proud and like about myself.